Learning and Growing together

Over 60 years of research has shown the strong positive psycho-medical-social impact that psychological groups, be they psychoeducational, experiential, psychotherapeutic, supportive, etc .: the feeling of trust and belonging, solidarity, are some of the characteristics that give the participants the feeling that they are not alone, helping them increase their self-awareness, improve socialization, facilitating and accelerating the healing process.

Life coaching and psychotherapy groups in time of Covid

The Covid Pandemic has made it harder for people to connect due to social restrictions and fear. People no longer have the opportunity to meet in groups and share their lives. We are no longer able to share laughs, tears, concerns, dreams and fears as easily with others. A group provides a supportive and safe environment to help people feel more connected, open up and share their challenges. It reinforces and promotes motivation towards achieving personal goals, becoming more mindful, centered and committed.

Group supervision

Mental Health, Medical and Educational professionals are at high risk of burnout because of the constant emotional overload and complexity of their work. Having a space for colleagues to come together to share their common experiences will bring benefits on several levels. They will work together better as a team, learn new skills to process strenuous and demanding situations more efficiently and be more personally empowered which will improve the quality of the services they are providing.

Training groups

Employers are looking to provide valuable training for their employees in the areas of communication, public speaking, HR Management and assertiveness training.
Groups of employees of companies who need to improve specific skills like communication, public speaking, HR management, assertiveness, ..