You are Not Alone


Is a system of planned treatment with a wide range of approaches, techniques and strategies to help reduce clinical symptoms of mental distress.

Who is this for?

Adolescents, adults, couples and families suffering/struggling with:

Panic attacks
Dysfunctional Eating Habits
Sleeping Patterns
Emotion Regulation
Interfamily conflict management

What is my approach

I use evidence-based techniques in order to create a personalized and tailored intervention plan for each client to discover the roots of unhappiness while reinforcing courage and commitment in facing life challenges.

What can you expect from my sessions

A safe space to:

Find understanding and compassion
Learn tools and techniques to manage and cope with struggles and difficulties
Recognize and process profound scripts that often unconsciously influence everyday life and choices
Discover and avoid destructive and non-functional Behaviours in the future
Make steps to living a more enjoyable life